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Savory Vegan Recipes


Hey There!  Thanks for dropping by!  Here you will find all of my favorite healthy and scrumptious recipes to get to you to your most AMAZING self!  I want you to get there and I love sharing my recipes. When I began my plant-based journey I had to research like crazy and didn’t know how to cook for myself.  I ate lots of black bean burgers.  How boring is that!  I make it my goal to find recipes that make this lifestyle not tolerable but preferable.  Hope you enjoy this journey and make lots of delicious foods to share with family and friends.   A couple of things about the way I cook:


  1.  I use little to no OIL!  Fat is not your friend unless it comes with lots of fiber and nutrients like cashews or avocados.
  2. I modify favorite recipes so they are tasty but healthy!
  3. My recipes are all plant based.  Even if you eat meat you can benefit from EATING MORE PLANTS!
  4. I aim to make my recipes easy and fast.  I am a busy gal and don’t have time to slave in the kitchen.  Let’s knock it out quickly and get to noshing!


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