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Peloton Cycle Review



I decided to try Beach Body’s 80 Day Obsession and review it here after hearing so many great things.  A couple of notes…..I am not a Beach Body Coach so this will be an honest review. as I have no stake in the game.  I will suspend other workouts including my beloved Peloton Cycle for 80 days.

Equipment required:  Weights, Mat, Resistance Loops, Strength Slides, Foam Roller

Below is a video clip from my workout today title AAA.  It stands for Arms, Abs and you guessed it AS*.  Day 1 was Total Body Core, Day 2 was Booty, Day 3 was Cardio Core.  (my canine workout buddies make an appearance.  This is real life peeps!)

My Observations so far are:

  1.  I am a cardio beast.  (Thank you Peloton)
  2. Plyometrics are my Kryptonite.  (It has been too long)
  3. My upper body is very week.  (Too much Peloton, not enough Strength Training)
  4. Strength Slides could have been used effectively as weapons of torture in medieval times.

The workouts are about 1 hour in length and there are small rest breaks while Autumn demos the next exercise.  They are filmed in real time and although the format is the same for the specific workouts each is uniques.  She challenges you as the weeks progress. I like her style.  She is encouraging and real.  There are modifiers but I would call this an intermediate to hard workout.  It is very focused on the core which I need.  I will update you again on day 8 as my arms are so sore holding them on the keyboard is a challenge.  Wish me luck!


Sorry for the delay in reviewing the second half of week one.  Guys….I must admit that I was so sore I had to take a day off.  Literally the most sore I have EVER been.  I have completed at least half of Beach Body’s programs including Insanity & P90X and none of them kicked my butt the way this one did.

I think this is likely due to two things.  1) I have been so devoted to my Peloton I let my strength training slide.  2) It has been forever since I did plyometric training.

With that said I believe I let my ego drive here and that was a mistake.  I should have used lighter weights the first week.  Lesson Learned.

The Last three workouts were Legs, Cardio Flow and Roll & Release.  I have included a brief clip of Roll and Release here.

Legs was a killer.  Squats, Lunges of all sorts, just TOUGH.  My quads felt rock hard after and I had to squeeze in some extra stretching.

Cardio Flow was a surprise and not a pleasant one…!  The word flow made thing of yoga.  No such luck.  This was a challenging workout, very core focused. Each exercise has an animal name and is repeated multiple times.  Only 30 minutes it packs a lot into a short window.  You will work every part of your body and your heart will be pounding.

Roll and Release was a treat!  80 Day includes this in place of a rest day.  You use a foam roller and the goal is to massage out those trigger points and prep your body for the tough week to come.  It was painful at times (you may see me grimace here in the clip) but it was a “hurt so good” kind of pain.  I loved it and I feel it really did get me ready to handle week 2.

That is it folks.   My next update won’t be until day 27 and the end of phase 1.  Thanks for watching.

Hi Folks!  Well here I am with my review a week earlier than promised.  Originally I planned on updating my 80 Day Obsession Review at the end of Phase 1 but I am coming to you early for one specific reason.  I really struggled in week 2 but felt so much stronger in week 3!  I thought others that might be early in the program would benefit from knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I have included snippets from week 3 so you can enjoy the struggle with me. :). Please don’t judge.  This is real life peeps!  If you haven’t yet seen my week one review you can find it here.

It is at this point in every Beachbody workout that I start to identify with one cast member.  For me it is my boy Donald.  He is sweet, hilarious and very upfront with his struggle.  I see you Donald trying to hide in the back row so you can cheat every now and again!  If you watch the Weekly Obsession videos you will really enjoy getting to know the cast and see that they too are working hard to make it to 80 days.  Beachbody has never done anything like 80 Day Obsession before.  The fact that all 80 workouts are unique is so cool.  Instead of gradually conquering a workout I do again and again, I know I am going to have to push myself harder each week as Autumn challenges me with heavier weights and higher reps.  You will need heavier weights this week and of course the strength slides and resistance loops.  You can find the slides and loops in my resource guide here.

For the most part I felt pretty proud of myself this week.  A couple of times I caught myself breaking rule number one of living your best self and that is comparing yourself to others.  Heck, there are 20 year old athletes in the cast and I just can’t compete.  Also the modifier Carrie seems to be making more progress than me in the push up department.  Darn it….I am still on my knees and probably always will be.  Also my range of motion in lunges isn’t what it was 10 years ago.  Oh the glory days.  With that said I must admit I feel like I kicked week 3’s butt and am now an official member of the double band club.  I actually needed two resistance loops to fatigue my muscles in several of the workouts.  Hooray!  My core is getting stronger and I see my quad and hamstring muscles becoming defined.  I have lost 1 pound but overall 3.5 inches.  My waist & Hips being the most prominent.  Waist 29 to 28 and hips 36 to 35.  Pretty darn cool!

I  still say 80 Day Obsession is not for the faint of heart.  You need to be dedicated.  I wish I had started with their prep program “A Little Obsessed” but I am in this now!

80 Day Obsession is available on Beachbody on Demand.

I wil update you again a couple of weeks into Phase 2!


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