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My Must Have Appliances & Kitchen Tools

The people in my life would tell you I never met a kitchen tool I didn’t love.  In fact, my loving husband can’t help but make fun of my gadget hobby and longs for more counter and cabinet space.  However, he is a big fan of the lovely and healthy meals I prepare, so must accept that fact that every good artist, needs her tools.

I know kitchen tools can be expensive and that many kitchens simply don’t have ample amounts of storage space.  For that reason, I am going to recommend my top 10 must have kitchen tools and appliance.


1- Vitamix or Ninja High Speed Blender

Yes, a good quality blender is an investment.  Consider it an investment in your health and wellbeing!  You can’t make great smoothies and purees without the right blender.  The Vitamix E310 is a fantastic little machine and will run you about $350.  If you’re a purest, this is the blender for you. The Ninja Professional Blender comes in at $79 and is a close second in power and functionality to the Vitamix in my opinion.  Check out my smoothie recipes HERE!

2- Food Processor

For ricing cauliflower, making Vegan Queso and fantastic homemade Oil Free hummus (Check Out Recipes Here), the right food processor is a necessity.  Cuisinart makes a great one for about $150.  Hamilton Beach has a twelve-cup version for less than $50 that gets rave reviews.

3- Juicer

I love making healthy green juices!  With that being said, if machine is difficult to clean I won’t use it.  The juicer I recommend is the BrevilleJuice Fountain Plus.  I did my research before purchasing and was not disappointed.  At only $150 it performs like a much more expensive unit. More importantly, it is very easy to clean. 

4- High Quality Non-Stick Cookware

I try to avoid oil at all costs which means I need great nonstick cookware that I can pop in the dishwasher.  Cuisinart makes a lovely 16 piece set for around $140 or Calphalon makes a well rated set for about $100.

5- Good Quality Knife

If you are really going to pursue a healthy lifestyle you are going to need sharp good quality knives for chopping all of those veggies!  If you can only invest in one, I recommend the Cangshan 8 inch It will set you back about $100 but it is a joy to chop with!

6- The Right Cutting Boards

For cutting veggies and tofu you need the right cutting board.  I am a big fan of the thin, flexible variety. They are dishwasher safe and easy to store in a drawer.  I recommend the Nicole Home Collection 3 piece set for only about $5.

7- KitchenAid Classic Mixer 

When it comes to mixers this is the only one I can recommend as it is simply the best. I have had mine for 28 years and it still works like a dream. Depending on the attachments you want it will run anywhere from $190 to $300.  The KitchenAid K45SSOB 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixer goes for $229 on Amazon and comes with three attachments.  I recommend buying they spiralizer attachment for making zoodles!

8- Instant Pot

The Instant pot is not your mama’s pressure cooker.  I too was terrified to try this gadget and now kick myself for not introducing it to my kitchen years ago.  There are hundreds of healthy, plant-based recipes online and this is one slick time saver. If you want dinner ready in 30 minutes you need the Instant Pot. The Standard version is priced at about $100.


Want to easily create yummy tasting treats by adding any combination of chocolate, or fruits like over-ripe bananas, berries, or mango to the chute for a smooth “ice-cream” like taste?  Then the Yonanas machine is for you! If I am having a craving I pop some frozen bananas into my Yonanas and add a little cocoa powder for instant yumminess.  This little thriller sells for about $40 on Amazon.

10- Popcorn Air Popper

I love popcorn but don’t want the typical oil and butter laden variety making its way to my waist line.  With an air popper, I can make myself a delicious snack I won’t regret. My favorite topping is garlic, turmeric & nutritional yeast!  You won’t miss the butter. The Hamilton Beach model is available for only $20 on Amazon.





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