Ladies….what is with our crazy preoccupation with the Carbohydrate?

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Disclaimer: I  know folks with diabetes and other conditions must manage carbohydrates.  This post is not meant to offend and is only one gals opinion. I am just not a fan of diets that restrict vegetables.

Not long ago, an innocent comment on one of my blog posts kind of threw me for a loop.  It was in response to my recipe for Vegan Queso Dip which is delicious by the way! The picture featured my Queso on top of baked, no oil corn chips (homemade) and pinto beans with a dollop of guacamole.  I won’t quote the commenter verbatim to protect the innocent but needless to say the comment was focused on how many carbs were in the dish pictured. Now this isn’t a meal I eat every day but trust me the moderate portion I eat is low in calories and certainly much healthier than your typical restaurant nachos.  It is meant to be a treat and cure that craving I get for chips, dips and other comfort foods.   

I wasn’t quite sure why the comment bothered me so much.  It stayed with me for hours.  I even call my supportive sister and she comforted me saying “oh she is probably one of those Keto dieters.  I bet she thinks bacon is fine but a corn tortilla or bean is the work of Satan himself!”   She’s a funny one and we did have a chuckle!

Nonetheless it got me thinking.  Why is it we women have such a complicated relationship with food?  Heck, men don’t. They can splurge on chicken wings, beer, followed by chocolate cake and maybe even the rest of your entree without a care in the world.  I apologize for the generalization fellas.  If you are a guy reading this that just dropped to the ground and did 20 push ups at the very mention of a chicken wing, drop me a line.  I need to study you at length. 

Honestly, these days you can’t have lunch with a friend without hearing women around you reciting the macronutrients of each dish on the menu and and lamenting their poor choice.  This is usually followed by a promise to fast the next day and run 5 miles as punishment for their crime.  

After much thought on the matter I came to an unsettling conclusion.  The comment bothered me because it is exactly what the old me would have said.  I have come a long way baby! I confess in the past I ruined many a family dinner criminalizing something some poor soul at the table was eating.  I could recite the calories, carbs, protein and fat in just about anything without even looking at my Holy Grail…..My Fitness Pal.  I was disciplined all right.  However, I was zero fun to be around at meal time.  

The truth of the matter is I was so preoccupied with food.  I thought about virtually every bite I put in my mouth.  I didn’t enjoy what I was eating.  It was pretty miserable actually.  I tried every possible variation of dieting.  Keto, Zone, Paleo…you name it.  

When I made the decision to pursue a plant based diet,  (true confession I do eat fish every once in awhile) everything changed for me in such a positive way.  I started focusing on getting as much good stuff into my body without a care in the world for it’s macros.  I began eating loads and loads of colorful fruits and vegetables, beans of every variety, nuts and yes even GRAINS!  You know what?  I lost weight and got leaner than I have been in years.  I was satisfied all the time, didn’t feel deprived and was lost in a sea of yumminess!  Having avoided the villainous carbohydrate for so long, it was like I was meeting a long lost friend.  

I DON’T count calories.  I DON’T pay attention to macros.  I DO avoid processed foods, sugar,  and white starchy things like rice and pasta.  (brown rice is terrific and I eat a lot of it).  I DO splurge occasionally! I EAT until I am no longer hungry and that is that!

The Carbohydrate is not your enemy.  You should be very skeptical of any eating plan that asks you to limit fruits and vegetables.  Do your research and get sound nutritional advice from experts like Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  His book “Eat to Live” is a game changer and really helped me understand how you can be eating the typical American diet but still be starving yourself of nutrients.  

I hope that you dear reader, have a healthy relationship with your dinner plate.  I hope you can enjoy that occasional splurge and that you treat yourself kindly.  Remember the joy you feel when you see someone you love thoroughly enjoying a dish you have made for them and give that gift to yourself!  You deserve it!  

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Hearts and Hugs….. Shawntelle

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