80 Day Obsession Days 5-7

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Sorry for the delay in reviewing the second half of week one.  Guys….I must admit that I was so sore I had to take a day off.  Literally the most sore I have EVER been.  I have completed at least half of Beach Body’s programs including Insanity & P90X and none of them kicked my butt the way this one did.

I think this is likely due to two things.  1) I have been so devoted to my Peloton I let my strength training slide.  2) It has been forever since I did plyometric training.

With that said I believe I let my ego drive here and that was a mistake.  I should have used lighter weights the first week.  Lesson Learned.

The Last three workouts were Legs, Cardio Flow and Roll & Release.  I have included a brief clip of Roll and Release here.

Legs was a killer.  Squats, Lunges of all sorts, just TOUGH.  My quads felt rock hard after and I had to squeeze in some extra stretching.

Cardio Flow was a surprise and not a pleasant one…..lol!  The word flow made thing of yoga.  No such luck.  This was a challenging workout, very core focused. Each exercise has an animal name and is repeated multiple times.  Only 30 minutes it packs a lot into a short window.  You will work every part of your body and your heart will be pounding.

Roll and Release was a treat!  80 Day includes this in place of a rest day.  You use a foam roller and the goal is to massage out those trigger points and prep your body for the tough week to come.  It was painful at times (you may see me grimace here in the clip) but it was a “hurt so good” kind of pain.  I loved it and I feel it really did get me ready to handle week 2.

That is it folks.   My next update won’t be until day 27 and the end of phase 1.  Thanks for watching.

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