Mean Green Protein Smoothie

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Hey There Protein Junkies!  This shake is for you.  This baby packs in the protein and nutrition and is super satisfying after a work out or when you want something quick and healthy but don’t have time to cook.  So tasty and sweet you can even fool your kids or grandkids into eating Kale!

For this recipe I use my favorite veggie protein shake but feel free to substitute whey or soy protein if that is your preference.

Nutrition:  262 Calories, 17 grams of healthy fat, 14 grams of Protein, 1 gram of sugar,  and 9 grams of Fiber



1/2 Scoop Vega One Protein Powder (or Protein Powder of your choice)

1 cup chopped raw Kale or Spinach

1/2 Medium Avocado

8 ounces Almond Milk


Pop it all in your blender or bullet and blend until smooth and creamy.  Enjoy!



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