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Welcome to my site!  As I approach my fiftieth year on the planet, I started to think seriously about what I wanted this next part of my journey to look like.  For me, fitness and health have always been a priority and I would be less than truthful if I didn’t admit I was pretty unrealistic about how hard it would be to be my best self after 40!  Heck…each year after that it got harder and harder.  As a busy executive for a fortune 10 company, a wife, a mother and friend, I have found life balance a challenge!  I hope some of what I have learned about food, fitness and health can help you.  That is the reason for this blog!  To simply share and learn.

The recipes I share here will be Vegan/Plant Based.  I had the fortunate experience to visit a large slaughterhouse.  I say fortunate because had it never happened I would still be trying to convince myself that what I had on the plate in front of me was good for me and didn’t come from a live animal.  If I couldn’t do that, I would pretend that animal didn’t experience fear or pain.  Now I know for certain that this simply isn’t true.

A meatless lifestyle may not be for you but you can certainly benefit from eating more veggies and incorporating plant based recipes into your meals.

Hearts and Hugs…. Shawntelle

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